The JITH meetings are intended to promote cooperation between the scientific teams of participating countries and serves as a platform for young researchers to present their work revolving around energy and in particular on thermal and renewable energy. At inception, the scientific cooperation was mainly between France and the three Maghreb countries, but JITH’s final intent is to operate at a global scale.

The main theme was originally on solar-thermal (heliothermal) which subsequently evolved and extended to general aspects of energy with special reference to heat (thermal meaning today) and its applications. Thus, for three or four editions, the days are divided into 3 defined themes in addition to a specific theme per edition:

  • Fundamental developments in the fields of energy and environment,
  •  Renewable Energies,
  • Thermal machines, heat & mass transfer in industry, construction, agriculture and transport,
  • Specific topic (in 2015, this theme focused on the lights).

During the last JITH days held in Marseille in October 2015, new guidelines on energy and the environment have found a very positive response among the JITH community, which will encourage strengthening this approach in the future.

The bi-annual JITH days welcome on average 150 to 200 participants (typically researchers and PhD students) from different laboratories working on JITH themes in the three Maghreb countries and France. Other African countries (Madagascar, Cameroon, Senegal, etc.) regularly make up of 10 % of the participants but practical implementation of the methods applies to a few teams. Occasionally, there was also participation of countries such as Germany, Canada, Spain, or Romania.

The initiator of JITH is Professor Salem El Golli (ENI Monastir) and the first edition was held in Monastir (Tunisia) in 1983. Since then, JITH has been successively held in Rabat (1985), Lyon (1987), Algiers (1989), Monastir (1991), Alexandria (1993), Marrakech (1995) Marseille (1997), Brussels (1999), La Marsa (2001), Algiers (2003), Tangier (2005), Albi (2007), Djerba (2009), Tlemcen (2011), Marrakech (2013), Marseille (2015), and Monastir (2017). The next edition will be held in 2022 in Tangier. It should be noted that JITH is a source of fruitful scientific cooperation. For example, there is a strong cooperation between ENI and IUSTI Monastir, ENI of Tunis and the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (Tunisia) and with the Faculty of Sciences of Tangier (Morocco), in research and teaching. This cooperation led to the co-supervision of Masters Theses, student exchanges and recently Engineering joint studies. The JITH allows the initiation new research themes in the different laboratories involved.

JITH meeting locations